Circus by Andrea's Choice: Ringmaster and Spectacle

I had previously reviewed two other shades in this line, and they didn't fare too well.  In fact, I'd go as far as labeling 'em pretty crappy.  Because of this, I kinda groaned when my daughter and I received Ringmaster and Spectacle in our August Glambags.  Still, I'm a polish fetishist, so I thought I'd give them a chance.  I'm very, very glad I did. 

Sugarpill Limited Edition Pressed Eyeshadow in @#$%!

I have a slight obsession with Sugarpill eyeshadow, and when I learned that a limited edition shade was available at IMATS earlier this year, I really wanted it.  Like oh so badly wanted it.  Alas, I was unable to procure this treasure (or the ones from a previous IMATS).