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Items that I'm currently drooling for:

This page is randomly updates as I remember too. I'm willing to negotiate and/or trade for anything listed here. :D

Cult Nails:  Deal With It

About Me

Hi there!  I'm Christina/Kirari and this is my blog.  I like to write about beauty items, brag about my latest finds, and get uber excited about upcoming things that I probably shouldn't get quite so excited about.  I'm an early thirties plus-sized pseudo-goth social worker who likes to refer to herself as a drag queen in a woman's body.  Two of my favorite things are dark lipstick and glitter.

I started this blog to collect my thoughts on some of the purchases that I've been making.  I spend a massive amount of money on beauty products every month, lol.  I love bold, daring looks, and I wear what I want.  My makeup is part of my art; I do it because I love it.  I do what I do to be me, not for attention.  If I wanted attention, I'd wear a wedding dress and run screaming down the road with a frying pan on my head.

My opinions are my own.  I don't sugar coat them.  I'm sure I could be bought for the right amount of money, but I've not been offered it yet.  :(  That means that no matter how I obtained the item I review, my review is going to be honest.  Unless there's a serious pile of money.  Then I'm sure I'll talk about miracles while posting pictures of me reclining in said pile of money.

Did I mention that I would like to recline in a serious pile of money?  My contact information is up top.  :D