May 2012 Birchbox Glamour Girl box

The subject of whelm.

Pictured above is Birchbox's stock image for the box that I received during the month of May, which was their Glamour Girl promotion.  Like a dummy, I never took a picture of my actual box or any of it's contents, lol.

I don't watch television, so I'm not familiar with the show at all.  If I were to guess, it revolves around late teen to mid-twenties girls living in New York and having a lot drama.  Possibly gossip is involved somewhere.  I was, however, very familiar with the brands that they advertised prominently during the campaign.  I didn't receive any of them, though. 

Due to the whole expired samples fiasco I didn't get a box in April, so May was the first time that I received one.  I had a mixed roller coaster ride of emotions getting the thing.  When I did a sneak peek to see what I was getting, I had myself believing that I was getting a box with wrinkle serum in it.  I was kinda miffed that Birchbox was calling me old.  Then the USPS "misrouted" my package.  I've never had that happen to me before, and I was terrified that it would go into postal limbo.  That was when I learned two things:  1.)  The Dr. Jart BB was turning up empty, and 2.)  I was getting the Dr Jart BB.

I was feeling quite underwhelmed by the time I got the box in.  When I opened, I immediately noticed that they had sent me two tubes of the Dr. Jart's Water Fuse Beauty Balm.  They were also full, as between them I got FIVE uses of the product.  I'm either extrodinarily lucky or I have a freakishly small face. 

I absolutely love this product.  It flatters my (uber-pale) skin tone, and it smells fantastic.  I'd sniff my fingers after applying it.  While it didn't give me full coverage, I really liked it for mornings when I got out of bed late and had to rush. Ok, so that may be most mornings.  It really evened out my redness, and partially concealed any flaws that I refuse to admit that I have.  I will not be using it in place of a good foundation, though.  To me, this product is good for those times I can't be assed to wear makeup, but can't be assed to look bad, either.

The next item I tried was the Fresh Sugar Rosé Lip Treatment.  It smells and tastes good, but I'm just don't like this product.  I had really looked forward to this item, because I've heard so many raves about it.  It's tinted (supposedly) but the tint does not transfer to my lips.  The acutal product is extremely narrow (a trait that extends to the full size) and breaks really easily.

I also received a Twistband hair tie.  This turned out to be a piece of orange elastic tied togethor with a knot.  It held my thick hair really well, but when I forgot and laid down, the knot was really uncomfortable.  It also came untied.  Boo.

As far as the Color Club Foil polish in Disco Nap, I really loved it.  Of course, I'm a sucker for shiny as well as nail polish, so a shiny nail polish made my day.  This is a gold color, though it's a softer, neutral gold color.  I found that the formula held up well for the few days that I wore it (polish ADD), and the coverage was good.  I only needed two coats.

The last product I tried was the sample of Atelier Cologne’s Vanille Insensée Cologne Absolue.  I rolled my eyes when I read that it was a vanilla based perfume (cologne, whatevs).  I usually hate vanilla based perfumes;  I don't really even like vanilla flavoring.  However, to my nose, if there is vanilla in this, it's hidden under the sultry, sexy, almost Nag Champa like scent.  Nag Champa is one of my favorite scents, and I'm in heaven when I smell this cologne.  I'll definitely be buying a full sized bottle of this.

Of course, I can't forget the note card.  Ok, actually I did.  I have no clue what I did with it.  I do remember it being made of good quality card stock.  The envelope was kind of crappy, though.  That's where the train of thought ends, though.


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