MAC x Beth Ditto Pro Longwear Creme in Dear Diary

My glorious stick, in a totally original pose.
I do not understand my obsession with bright pink lipsticks.  Currently I own around 7, and I currently wear 0 with any regularity.  Every time I see one, I'm like a magpie.  I have to stop and stare at the shiny.  MUST POSSESS.  It never fails.  The kicker is that they really don't flatter me at all.  I'm way too pale to pull off a shade like this.  Fortunately (maybe?  I'm not sure on this one) that's never stopped me from wearing what I want.  I think this obsession started around the time that MAC launched their super-hard to get Dress Camp collection featuring the drool-worthy (in my not-so-humble opinion) Too Fab.
What I can't have.
Just look at that tube.  Rawr.

I bought this lipstick on a magpie whim at 3 am of the day it was released.  No previews, no swatches, just based on a rumor that it was very similar to another lipstick that I want but can't get:  Candy Yum-Yum.  Well, I can't get it until August when the By Request collection comes out at least.  Candy Yum-Yum is another 'stick that I've drooled over since it was released.  The comparison swatches that I've seen have shown them to be very similar indeed, with Candy Yum-Yum being matter and having a bluer undertone.  

Dear Diary is very bright and very pink indeed.  MAC describes it as a bright neon pink, and it very much lives up to that description.  It's a super bright, blue based pink, but its not what I'd call a candy-colored pink.  It's too dark to live up to that description.  The formula is creamy, and very long wearing.  I didn't find it too drying, which long lasting lippies have a nasty tendency to be.  Despite the decidedly slimmer tube (which did take some maneuvering), I didn't have any problems with application.  I had good coverage and color with a few swipes.  After a while it wears down to a matter, but still vibrant finish.  I made the mistake of falling asleep in it, and woke up with it still partially on - mostly around the edges of my lips.  I also had a pretty pink stripey pillowcase.

Swatched on my arm

Really crappy lip picture.


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