June 2012 Glambag (part 1)

♪ Eyeliner and lipstick and bags covered in glitter.... ♪
This month was my first ever Glambag, and I was quite excited to get it in.  Included this month were:  Marbella felt eyeliner, NYX round lipstick, Philosophy Take a Deep Breath moisturizer, and Living Proof frizz nourishing styling cream.

The theme for this bag was "Out All Night."  The bag for this month was a small, glittery, gold snap bag that's really quite cute.  My particular bag doesn't have a whole lot of fallout, so I've been able to use it without having glitter everywhere.  Then again, everything near me is usually covered in glitter anyway, so I highly doubt I would notice a little extra. 

One thing the Glambag bags are notorious for is their odor.  While this bag did have a funky fish smell to it, I could only notice it when I stuck my nose down in the bag itself.  I have not noticed this smell transferring to any items kept in the bag.  I've bought some clothing in the past that came from overseas that had a very similar smell.  I really think it's coming from the adhesive used on the bags.

The first item I tried was the NYX Round Lipstick.  I'm normally a "dark as your ex's mother's soul" type of chick (unless it comes down to a neon pink), so the color I received was not something I'd normally wear.  That's a good thing, though, as I've joined all these sampling services in order to find new things that I wouldn't normally buy.

Vitamin is, depending on the light, either a neutral tone or glowingly orange.  I highly prefer it in the neutral tone, as orange looks terrible on me.  The texture on this is very creamy; it's actually almost slimy feeling.  It doesn't have much staying power, either, as it seemed to wear off very quickly.  It was also fairly sheer.  After a while, the color all seemed to concentrate towards the edges of my lips.  I applied this without a lip liner, so you mileage will probably vary.   However, at this price point (website retails for $4 a tube) and their vast collection of colors (126, to be exact), these flaws wouldn't stop me from purchasing colors that I like. 

The next item I tried was the moisturizer by Philosophy.  I am cursed with dry skin, and I'm always on the look out for a new moisturizer.  Normally, my go-to is Clinque's Dramatically Different Moisturizer, but this may just be the one to knock my old faithful out of it's standing.  Their Take a Deep Breath moisturizer claims to "breath new life into your skin with take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer, detoxify, and help protect for a healthy-looking glow."  I don't know about all of that, but I do know that the stuff stinks. However, it feels fantastically cool and tingly going on.  I've aslo noticed that after a while it makes my skin feel tight.  Not painfully or burningly so, but the sensation is there.  The formula is absorbed into the skin quickly, and doesn't leave a sticky mess behind.  Its moisturizing properties lasted all day, and I didn't find the little flakies cropping up in the corner of my nose that I'm prone to getting. 


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