Sugarpill Limited Edition Pressed Eyeshadow in @#$%!

I have a slight obsession with Sugarpill eyeshadow, and when I learned that a limited edition shade was available at IMATS earlier this year, I really wanted it.  Like oh so badly wanted it.  Alas, I was unable to procure this treasure (or the ones from a previous IMATS).
For some reason, I'd been holding off on buying their new Heart Breaker palette.  I don't know why, I just never got around to ordering it.  I was surprised (and super stoked) when I saw that not only was Beautylish launching a boutique, but Sugarpill was going to be their first offering.  They were also planning to sell a limited run of my coveted eyeshadow, too!  I so totally signed up.

When the store was launched, the eyeshadow was made only available with the purchase of a Heart Breaker palette.  My heart jumped!  I'd be able to get both the single shadow and the palette for the price of the palette.  Squeals were to be had, let me tell you. 

Shipping from Beautylish was lightening fast.  I truly did not expect their processing time to be less than a few hours.  I placed my order on the evening it launched, and received a notification that it was ready to ship in less than five hours.  Seriously.  So far, their boutique is off to an amazing start.  Also, when I got my package, everything was hand signed, and it included a card saying that I was number 50 out of 300.  Whether or not that means I was their 50th customer, or I was the recipient of their 50th eyeshadow, I don't know.  I still thought it was a really awesome touch. 

Now I'm rambling.  On to the goods!

@#$%! is a really pretty shadow, and I don't find it very similar to Love+ at all.  This shade has a blackened look to it, and is sprinkled through with silver glitter.  The pigmentation is up to Sugarpill's high standards, and it wears really good.  I did have a little bit of fallout wearing it.  It held up really well on its own, and was fantastic with a good primer. 

Swatched on:  bare skin (left), UD primer potion (center), Pixie Epoxy (right)
I don't really find that the glitter shows up on the skin.  Of course, glitter is a very coarse word for what it really is.  Its really, really finely milled silver stuff.  In fact, it almost looks like an over-spray.  If it hadn't shed some of the microscopic glitter on the black case when I first opened it, I'd be highly suspicious of it being so.  Well, and I've seen pictures proving that its not, lol. 

All and all, this is a beautiful eyeshadow.  I'm in love with it, at least, lol. 


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