Lypsyl Intense Protection LypMoisturizer

I think it's the little bee-fly hybrid that gets me every time.
 One of the items that I received in my free 2012 Influenster Naturals box in order to try and review was LypSyl's Intense Protection Lypmoisturizer. 

Superfluous ys ahoy!

When I opened this up, I was quite surprised by the heft of the tube.  You get quite a bit of product for the money, and it's quite a bit bigger package than an average lip balm.  The solid itself in in a a flattened oval stick, instead of the traditional circle of most balms.  I could see this being a turn off for some people, but I found that I enjoy it.

Length and girth!

The next thing that caught my eye was the sliding mechanism.  It's (supposed to be) shaped like a bee, and I love bees.  I think they're adorable and/or possibly the perfect tool for vengeance.  You know, the complete package all wrapping up in this tiny, buzzy, happy thing.  I got the biggest kick out of this, and it made me giggle when I saw it.  Oh ok, it made my giggle when I realized that it wasn't a fly, lol.  One of the key ingredients in Swedish beeswax, so perhaps this is how Swedish bees look?  No?  Well, poo.  Also, a classier blog wouldn't make a joke about Swedish fly.

I'm led to believe it's like this, only blonder.

I found that the mechanism works well, but does have a tendency to slide the product back down into the tube over time.  I don't know if I have a faulty tube, but if this tendency gets worse, that's going to be a major problem.  :(

Once I got over my giggles, I decided to break the puppy in.  I won't lie, when I put the balm on, I thought it was possibly the nastiest tasting thing I'd had on my lips in a while.  It definitely has a menthol twang to it.  However, it felt so good on my lips that I didn't notice the flavor after a while.  On subsequent applications, I didn't find that the taste was nearly as strong or as off-putting.  I don't know if I got used to it, or if there was an extra shot in the tip, or what.

To give it this menthol twang, it's advertised as being full of mint flavoring.  I don't believe this is peppermint, because it's definitely not pepperminty tasting, but I may be wrong.  Because of all the mint (and possibly voodoo), this balm definitely has a cooling effect to it.  I love the way this feels, but I suspect that someone with sensitive lips would probably hurt.  It also has coconut oil in it, so people with coconut sensitivity (like one of my best friends) should watch out for it.  Rounding out the natural ingredients list is Shea Butter (because this is in, like, everything now-a-days) and vitamins A&E goo.

I found this to be one of the longer lasting balms on me, which honestly isn't saying much.  My lips absorb chap stick type stuff like a sponge.  I felt its effects for an hour or so; bog standard chap stick tends to hold up for maybe a half an hour.

I found this to be a great balm, once I got over the taste.  I've even went out and bought a couple more of 'em to stash in various places. 


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