Covergirl & Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation

When it comes to foundations of this type, I've never been able to get past the whole "it's for gracefully aging women of a certain age" thing that is implied.  At least, it's implied to me.  Is it implied to anyone else?  Nope, I suspect that this one is my own special little hang up.  However, this one I can get away with, because it improves skin tone and helps to increase radiance.  Nope, not calling me old at all.  No way, nuh-uh.
Yeah, maybe I do have a few hang ups on this gracefully aging thing.  Though, to be fair, I couldn't be graceful at anything if my life depended on it.
This is the first result when doing a Google Image search for Grace.  I could be this, but it'd take plastic surgery and some new bits.

As I reported previously, BzzAgent invited me to take part of a campaign trying out Covergirl's new 2-in-1 Tone Rehab foundation.  Maybe it's Tone Rehab 2-in-1 foundation.  I can't remember; I always get this confused.  Either way, Covergirl has expanded their partnership with Olay to bring out a new foundation and powder in their line of products for those that are gracefully (or not) aging.  They sent me a complimentary bottle of foundation in Classic Ivory and a powder compact in Fair in order to try out and review.


The color of the foundation didn't really work well with my skin at all.  It was too dark, requiring me to blend it down into my neck.  However, a weekend trip to a theme park changed this, as I managed to burn myself crispy despite bathing in sunscreen every hour.  Now it's only a hairbreadth too dark.  Still, if I were to buy a bottle (and there's a good chance that I will be), I would definitely go a shade lighter. The shade definitely has that orange undertone to it that some foundations have.  I think the powder's shade leans towards warm, as well.

On the left, wearing the foundation after trying it for a couple of weeks. On the right, the before picture I took, sans makeup.
This is not a foundation that you'd want if you're going for an all natural look.  This is a pretty heavy coverage foundation; it's thick and it sits on the skin.  Truthfully, it'd have to be to live up to its claims of covering lines and evening out skin tone.  It does provide good coverage, though, and I was able to get away with not applying concealer over a couple of blemishes. 

Because of the moisturizer swirl, it has a very distinctive feel to it.  I know I haven't tried a foundation that feels anything like it. Its actually a kinda slimy feeling, and it does retain this feel on the face until it settles in.  However, this slipperiness made blending a dream, and application was very easy.  Some liquid foundations are a pain in the butt to blend, glide, or get to do anything other than give you brush (or sponge) burns when you try to blend 'em.

The wear time is good.  It definitely holds up through my normal work day, which is an office job.  I've not had any problems wearing it out, either.  It doesn't hold up to sweat, though. 

As far as the powder goes, I don't particularly like it.  It tends to sit on the skin in an extremely obvious way unless you buff it in hard.  It's very chalky looking.  I don't know if it's the powder puff provided, or if it's the product itself.  Heck, it could even be user error, as this is the first time in years I've used pressed powder.  I guess I'm just addicted to big fluffy brushes, lol.  The one time I've used a fluffy brush with it, I don't get this effect.  However, doesn't that defeat the whole blotting benefits of using pressed powder?  That's what I've always been told, anyway.  Another thing that I've noticed with the powder is that after a while, it got kinda nasty looking.  It developed a weird sheen, and these little odd bumps.  I'm guessing this is from skin-oil contamination.  I do recall that every pressed powder that I've had has done this, though.  Maybe its a special bonus feature?  It lets you see what's incubating in your skin!


It took roughly 5 uses to get this icky.  I guess I'm way dirtier than I thought.


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I'm not a fan of the powder either!

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