Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Oil Review

Disclaimer:  This complimentary product was sent to me in order to try and review.
There's been a massive influx of hair oils on the market lately, and Garnier Fructis made a bid for a slice of that delicious, oily market with their new multi-use product, Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil.  Designed as a multi-use product, this is marketed to be used on your hair, face, and body.   

Pictured:  hair oil, as I understand marketing concepts.
Truth be told, I don't really care for hair oils.  I have as of yet to find one that actually works for my hair.  Unfortunately, Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil is no exception.  Even with a light touch, this product has a tendency to send me to greasy-land.  On a typical day of use, my hair started out soft and shiny, but by the end of the day, it turned lank and sad looking.  That's definitely not what I'm looking for in a product at all.  In fact, stringy mop-hair is pretty much the opposite of what I want.  I tried this oil on hair that was wet, and on dry hair as well.  I also tried spraying the product onto my hands before rubbing it on my hair instead of just squirting it on, too. 
The saving grace of this product is that it isn't made just for hair.  It also works for your skin, too.  To me, this is where the product shines.  I absolutely loved it as a body oil, and it worked wonders on the dry skin on my legs.  With the end of winter (supposedly) in sight, now's the time I start to realize that "hey, I'll probably be wearing shorts or some sort of leg revealing piece of clothing soon.  Eek!"  Time to shear, exfoliate, and moisturize!


It absorbed cleanly into my skin, and didn't make me itch the way some oil sprays tend to do.  A lot of dry oil sprays tend to also really dry my skin, but I didn't have this problem here.  Also, because it's a spray, I could be really lazy and just squirt it on, which I really liked.

The label on the bottle of Triple Nutrition Dry Oil claimed that this was also meant for use on the face. However, compared to most facial oils I've used, it's really thick.  So thick, in fact, that I only used it on my face a few times because I was afraid it would cause breakouts.  I never really saw any breakouts related to this, fortunately.  I'd still be leery of using this as a daily moisturizer, but the handful of times I used it, I didn't have any problems.   It just didn't wow me enough as a facial moisturizer to get over my fears. 
My absolute favorite use for this, however, was as a bath oil.  It only took a few drops to have a tub full of fragrant, soothing water.  I love to take relaxing baths, and a dip in water infused with this oil really soothed my skin.  Like most bath oils, though, if you use too much, the tub will get dangerously slippery and someone will fall and bust her ass (again). 

I found it funny that I had such high hopes for this product hair-wise and expected so little of it skin-wise only to have to actual performance totally be the opposite.


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