BZZ, Covergirl, and Nostalgia.

I was able to get into BzzAgen'ts promo for Covergirl & Olay's swirly foundation line, Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation.  They will be sending me a free bottle of foundation and a free compact of pressed powder in my normal shade, Ivory, in order to try out and review.  I'll post more on that when I actually get it.

Truthfully, like a lot of people, I've worn Covergirl ever since I started wearing makeup.  It was my first makeup brand, so I've got a lot of nostalgia for both it and Max Factor.  To this day, the smell of both Covergirl's Clean Liquid Makeup, and the old Max Factor pan cakes (do they still make these any more?) are among some of my favorite scents.

To this day, Clean Liquid Makeup in Normal is always in my kit.  It's one of my favorite foundations.  I don't necessarily think it has superior coverage, or magical gold wings, or what ever.  There's just something about it that really works with my skin.  I've always been lucky enough to not have very many noticeable skin problems (maybe dryness and the occasional zit), so I don't require a heavy coverage.  Do I like a heavier coverage?  Yeah, I do.  I may not have those kinds of problems, but I corner the market on having under-eye circles and redness.

Yes, I'm aware of the existance of concealer and color corrector, lol.  I do use them, but I'm just lazy.

When I heard that BzzAgent was doing this promotion, I got super excited, and then half scared that I wouldn't qualify for it.  I did, though.  The line that I qualified for was the Tone Rehab line, and I'm excited for this.  Most high end foundations that I've tried have NOT impressed me at all.  Most of them don't even have shades that work for me.  Also, woe unto the MA that EVER suggests I tan or otherwise change my skintone.  When I do find a shade that works for me (usually accompanied by a heavenly chorus), I have to pray and pray and pray that something else doesn't go wrong.

See, I'm also cursed with being uber picky.  I want my foundation to be just right, though even I don't know what the parameters of being just right are.  Its one of those things that I know when I see.  It either works, or it doesn't.  I've never had a time where the C.L.M. hasn't worked.  Because of this, I tend to give Covergirl's foundations a lot more of a chance than I would most other foundations.  Some of them I don't like, like the Smoothers line.  I've never tried the Queen collection line of make up, as it's for darker skin tones.  I've been wearing the TRUblend a lot lately, too.  Kinda on the fence about this one, though.

I've seen the Covergirl/Olay match ups before, but I've never bought any.  I've been tempted several times, 'cause hey, they're swirly and neat looking.  However, I've never gotten past the whole "it's for gracefully aging women of a certain age" thing that to me is implied.  Is it implied to anyone else?  Nope, I suspect that this one is my own special little hang up.  However, I can fly under the radar of this little hang up because this line is to improve skin tone and increase radiance.  It's not at all calling me old.  Nope.  

I'm also hoping that it'll also impart some of the wit and grace of their spokeperson to me.  We can't have everything from a foundation, though, can we?  


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