July 2012 Birchbox run down

This is a quick run down of the box I received for Birchbox's July box.  This box was a co-op with Glamour magazine and run under the heading of "smell it, touch it, taste it, hear it, see it."  I was highly unimpressed with the products in this box.  This box shows that they pay 0% attention to your "beauty profile."  While they can't help that I didn't like the perfume, and that the eyeliner didn't perform well for me, they DO have the information in my profile that 1.)  SUPER DRY SKIN IS MY MAJOR SKIN CARE CONCERN.  2.)  MY SKINTONE IS SUPER FAIR.  Gotta admit, though, I loved the packaging this month. 

Smell it:  Oscar de la Renta Live in Love:  I think this stinks.
Touch it:  Boscia Blotting Linens:  I have extremely dry skin.  I could go for a month without touching my face, and still not have enough oil enough to justify using half of an oil blotting sheet.
Taste it:  Larabar Uber in Bananas Foster:  I've heard such horrible things that I dreaded getting this.  I tasted it and absolutely fell in love with it.  This was by far my favorite thing in the box.  I'm definitely going to being buying some of these.
Hear it:  Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds in Neon Blue & Hot Pink:  Always nice to have a spare set of these laying around.
See it:  Eyeko Skinney Eyeliner in Purple:  The most anticipated item in the box.  Also the biggest let down.  Crappy eyeliner.  Also, Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Golden:  This was the wrong shade.  It might work as an under foundation light bronzer, though.

Isn't awesome how when the lid is taken off, the little card springs up and the blue tissue unfolds itself ever so gently?


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